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As board-certified and recertified internists ourselves, FRONTRUNNERS® has always understood what internists look for when it comes to internal medicine board review. Beyond the usual daily feedback we get from customers like you on which products, sections and content from our resources helped the most on their exams, we SURVEYED over 1000 internists preparing for their Internal Medicine Boards asking them what they looked for in their ultimate review curriculum and what made for the best internal medicine board review


Compared to other board reviews, internists consistently ranked FRONTRUNNERS® Internal Medicine Board Review curriculum highest in each of the following categories surveyed:


Additionally, internists consistently listed the following factors in FRONTRUNNERS® Internal Medicine Board Review curriculum as "favorite features":

  • FRONTRUNNERS® No-Risk 100% Pass Guarantee!

  • FULLY-OUTLINED & condensed review materials.

  • The generous use of FORMATTING throughout the program, including Quick-View boxed-in, bolded, italicized, and specially annotated items, making your internal medicine board review a breeze.

  • STARRED ITEMS throughout the curriculum clearly identifying "must-know" material which we recommend physicians hit 2 or 3 times before your upcoming exam.

  • The concise, thorough and completely-updated ABIM board review

  • FRONTRUNNERS®  high-yield reviews and content.

  • Beautifully-prepared, well-organized Audio/Visual media succinctly-legended to quickly draw your attention to the most critical elements to remember.

  • The over 400 memory aids, tips, tricks & shortcuts FRONTRUNNERS® incorporates into the curriculum in order to maximize your performance in a real-time high-stress environment like the ABIM exam. Since its first edition in 2003, the back cover of our Turbo Mnemonics for the Boards, which you can see here, and the latest edition of which is included in all of our 2019 AudioVisual Packages, whimsically put it best: "WARNINGS: DO NOT TAKE YOUR (BOARD EXAM) WITHOUT KNOWING THIS BOOK COLD!!" Apparently, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  • Finally, these internists noted their own Internal Medicine Boards results as the primary reason they would choose FRONTRUNNERS® again for their Internal Medicine Board Review or to refer a colleague.

  • FRONTRUNNERS® is committed to ensuring that all of these features are continually reflected as ongoing standards from year to year in FRONTRUNNERS® product lines.

  • With 95% of our business coming by way of referrals, our success has always followed yours, and we continually strive to push the envelope in preparing the best internal medicine board reviews.

  • And the constant feedback from physicians like you, who've gone on to pass their exam using FRONTRUNNERS® curriculum, ensures that our content quality remains of the highest caliber only.

  • But it's not just about what FRONTRUNNERS® is or does well. It's also about what we're not.

  • One thing we're not, for example, is a "Refund Machine", a frightening business model that preys on unsuspecting physicians in all too many ways. Beware of companies whose "success" is based on your failure. When someone tells you that you can repeat their course as many times as needed "for free" until you pass, first, you got to ask yourself, "Well, how many times will it take?" Does it offer security or is it just the ultimate excuse to sell you updates that haven't really gotten you anywhere yet?  Repeat it forever? Sounds like board review hell to us. Finally, of course, don't forget that your time is money, so the "price" you actually pay is much more than money. It's time, headaches, hassle, lost income, and the untold costs of being away from your patients and family. Taken together, these true costs are inestimable. Get it right the first time with FRONTRUNNERS®.

  • Speaking of which, you always hear, "beware of Jack". What's that mean & who's Jack? We're talking, generally of course, about the "jack of all trades" (master of none). Companies that specialize in every exam under the sun should always raise your suspicions. For over 15 years, FRONTRUNNERS® has specialized in one exam, your exam, the Internal Medicine Boards Internal Medicine Board Review isn't just our Tuesday evening charity work or our Wed evening meal. It's all we do.  Get it right the first time.

  • Same goes for any internal medicine board review company that's not actually founded by internists. Common sense, right? Do your due diligence.

  • And, of course, complete insulation from ANY pharma support or influence. FRONTRUNNERS® is a private, fully-self-supported board review company. No hidden agendas here. No ivory tower conflicts of interest. No clueless, care-a-less specialists who were "just called last night to do some lecture somewhere on the specialty of Neurology for a $500 honorarium from Merck". Physicians turn to FRONTRUNNERS® when they just need to pass their Internal Medicine Boards.


FRONTRUNNERS® Product Vault is the best place to start.  That's where you'll find all of our best board review materials, package contents, savings, and  generous sized product samples, in some cases up to 10% of the materials. Why do we do this? Because we know by experience that, once you've had a chance to sample our board review resources, you'll love our time-saving, generously-formatted style with boxed-in points, clever concept links, outlined content, essential slideshows for the exam, and our always-popular STARRED ITEMS throughout the curriculum clearly identifying "must-know" material to make your review a breeze!  And now, things are even better. You asked for it, and listened!  For your convenience, you can now quickly, easily & securely order all of our Internal Medicine Board Review packages & curricula directly from the Product Vault page. That's where you'll save yourself significant time, money, headaches & hassle.  Check it out now!!



Hungry for more? We know you're searching for the best, and that's what we aim to bring you each time. We get asked all day long, "So what's the smartest way to go for content & value?" Well, our best & certainly our most popular internal medicine board review home study package, by far, is AV-3 [FRONTRUNNERS® AudioVisual package 3]. Why? AV-3 Internal Medicine Board Review curriculum represents all of our best resources AND at the greatest discounts. Briefly, AV-3 includes: 1) FRONTRUNNERS® CORE REVIEW / SYLLABUS (all the essential  core information, totally-outlined for maximum study efficiency with ample use of intelligent formatting to make your review a breeze);  2) FRONTRUNNERS® Q&A book, 2019 key Practice Questions for the Internal Medicine Boards;  3) Turbo Mnemonics book (featuring over 400 Memory Aids, Tips and Tricks for the boards; 220pp);  4) our Best ABIM Board Review Course SLIDE SHOWS review (giving you a "front and center" seat every time at the Weekend Marathon Review without all the accompanying costs or hassles and saving you about $2000 in hotel, airfare & tuition, plus thousands more in lost income, continuity of care, etc, depending on your priorities.  The Slide Shows, a truly awesome resource, are also succinctly-legended with all your need-to-know stuff for the all the Heme/Onc, Ophtho, Derm, and Radiology images plus all the EKGs we want you to know and what to look for; and 5) our AUDIO SYLLABUS (17 audio hours) WEEKEND MARATHON REVIEW designed to be the best Internal Medicine Audio Board Review, ready for your commute! 

Beyond being the best combination of content & value, AV-3 offers these additional advantages as you begin preparing for your internal medicine boards: a) the ability to review at your own pace and on your own schedule (not ours); c) the ability to fast forward, even skip, and, of course repeat any areas you choose at your leisure;  and the biggest plus of all: d)  the freedom to do all this in the comfort of your own home or on commute!! It;'s a no-brainer.

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3. CALL us now Toll-Free at (866)-IMREVIEW or (866)-MDBOARDS;

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Whichever method you choose, place your order today and get passing!



Additionally, we offer several other home-study packages to meet your needs. To help you quickly identify which package is best for you, we've created a quick & convenient "MENU" / Decision- Tree / Overview that will assist you in your selection (or just call us and we'd be happy to go thru the various options with you if you prefer). It's fast. It's easy. Just click on the one that you want!  Essentially, all the audiovisual (AV) packages include all the same books. The only decision to make is whether you want the Audio CD Syllabus (AV-1 or AV-3 packages), the Slide Shows CD (AV-2 and AV-3 packages), or both (AV-3). While AV-3 represents the complete curriculum and brings you all of our best  items at the greatest savings, you may have something else in mind.  ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU WANT? JUST VISIT our "PACKAGE PRICES & SAVINGS" table inside the PRODUCT VAULT to find a quick & convenient list of all of our best internal medicine board review home-study packages. What are you waiting for? Get going!

Frontrunners Internal Medicine Board Review Course and Home Study Packages


TO ORDER FRONTRUNNERS® board review materials by phone, or, for order-related inquiries, simply contact our customer service center anytime TOLL-FREE at  866-MDBOARDS (632-6273) or 866-IMREVIEW (467-3843).

Got some last-minute questions regarding our AudioVisual packages & curricula? Our customer service specialists will be happy to assist you in finding a solution that best suits your needs. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to serve you.  

So whether you're looking for a top score on the Internal Medicine boards ABIM CERTIFICATION or RECERTIFICATION exams, or you "just wanna pass!", internal medicine board review is our passion.  We hope to be able to share our 15 years of experience and our tremendous resources, tips, tricks and shortcuts for the ABIM exam with you!  And don't forget to check out the PRODUCT VAULT before you leave!  If you're looking for the very best no-nonsense, high-yield Internal Medicine Board Review, passionately-produced and beautifully-presented, there really is only one right answer:


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